We understand that our clients are entrusting some of the most intimate details of their lives to us. That is why each of our partner-providers are handpicked and carefully vetted to ensure our clients are receiving the highest quality care.

Our process for selecting partner-providers includes an initial face-to-face interview, review of references, background check, and a tour of offices and facilities, when appropriate. Once a client has been matched with a partner-provider, we facilitate an in-person introduction and provide ongoing monitoring to ensure quality service and progress toward the client’s goals.

We demonstrate our commitment to improving our process and services by staying current and connected with the elder care industry through networking, attending events and seminars, reviewing publications and online research. This allows us to identify new areas of need and potential qualified service providers.


We are continually researching and adding new partners to build and improve the resources we provide to our clients. If you are interested in becoming an August Edge partner-provider, please contact us for an initial interview today!