Creating the Plan

A Plan as Unique as You Are

Our plans are tailored to address your specific needs and concerns using our specially developed four-step process. We listen and work hard throughout this process to understand your needs, select and present the best solutions, and monitor plan implementation to ensure your goals are being met.

No-cost, Initial Consultation
During your no-cost, initial consultation we will meet with you and your loved one to discuss and identify current and potential future concerns. Based on this discussion, we will provide a no-obligation price quote for developing and implementing your individualized plan.

Plan Development
Following your decision to move forward, we will develop an action plan to address your specific needs. Your plan will include goals, August Edge recommendations, timelines, and a summary of overall expectations. It will also include a cost estimate for the recommended services to be provided by our partner-providers.

Partner-Provider Introductions
After your plan is finalized, we will facilitate in-person introductions between you and the recommended partner-providers. During these introductions, we will make sure all parties understand the needs, goals and timeline, and ensure a good fit between you and the service provider.

Ongoing Monitoring and Evaluation
We will provide ongoing assessment and monitoring of the relationship between you and the service provider to ensure your satisfaction, assess progress toward your goals, and make adjustments as necessary.