The Planning Process

It is About YOU!

At August Financial Consulting, LLC, we believe it is all about YOU and your financial well being.

The planning process has 5 steps:

  1. Listen to YOU - We want to hear about your interests, hopes and dreams - we listen.


  2. Set Goals - Exchange in conversation to refine goals and define the foundations of your financial plan. Exchange means we listen to you and provide feedback helpful in refining goals.


  3. Formalize YOUR Financial Plan - Once we know the direction you want to go, we assist in developing a plan directed towards reaching your goals. It might be on "the back of an envelope" or a fully bound financial plan - either way the plan provides a roadmap. Here we present portfolio analysis and strategies, wealth accumulation or preservation strategies and evaluation of retirement scenarios. Your plan will contain specific strategies and action plans to help lead you to your destination.


  4. ACT - we monitor your investments and implement the action plan. We will diligently manage your portfolio and periodically meet with you to identify any changes to your goals or lifestyle. We make ourselves available to the other professionals in your life, such as your CPA and attorney, to coordinate a solid financial plan. Maybe you have additional funds to invest or want to identify ways for more income. We will persevere to make sure you are satisfied with your financial picture. We effectively manage and monitor your assets on a continuous basis.


  5. Review - we suggest semi-annual or annual reviews. Depending on the portfolio and action plan, quarterly may be more appropriate. A typical review might include an evaluation of performance, service and progress towards your goals.


What we ask from you is input as to any particular areas of focus during the review and feedback on how we are doing. What we want for you is success. Doing our job right means you can sleep well at night even during down markets. You can take a vacation, or enjoy a quiet evening at home - without a worry about your financial picture!

Start Your Plan

Don't procrastinate any longer. Schedule a planning review - here in our offices, or maybe we can come your way. During our introductory meeting, we will get to know you and you will get to know our business philosophy. We want to understand your goals. Through a series of targeted questions, we will learn your past history, your current situation and your future objectives. We will analyze your risk tolerance and develop the most appropriate return expectations. Our computer-generated analysis will guide us through the investment decision-making process.

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