Our Firm


August Financial Consulting, LLC was built on a family-taught foundation of EARN trust, care for and respect people, business relationships are not only about winning, but win-win and it is important to enjoy the process...

You know the cliche of "life is short so live every moment." My dad was 80 years old when he passed. In retrospect, my time with him was in the blink of an eye. He and my mother taught me to love life and respect people. From my experiences with my dad, life was about love for my mother and us kids, treating people with respect, enjoying time with family, friends, new friends, and taking on challenges and experiences as they come. My dad's name was Augie. August Financial Consulting, LLC, is based on a life of learning from my mother and my father.

Besides being tied to my dad's name, August refers to that time in your life when you've tackled many accomplishments. You've enjoyed many experiences and probably worked very hard to get where you are. August is a golden time - not for sitting back, but for enjoying the fruits of your efforts. Our job at August Financial Consulting is to assist individuals and families in managing their financial well being in order to reach their goals and live comfortably in retirement. We manage for accumulation and for distribution. In retirement, your assets are managed like a business where you draw a salary and periodically request a bonus. August Financial Consulting's job is to make that process easy and enjoyable.