Financial Planning

The financial planning process has several aspects. For comprehensive retirement and estate planning, we continuously evaluate new technologies and tools available. Key elements we look for:

  • Ease of use for data input & evaluation of variables
  • Robust models that help identify the most significant variables affecting financial planning success given the unknown future
  • A “clean” user interface simplifying interpretation of results.
  • Comprehensive with a look at cash flow saving and retirement cash flow planning, portfolio allocation and risk tolerance analysis and addressing estate planning considerations to name a few.

Results include:

  • Asset Allocation – overview to evaluate diversification and facilitate risk/reward and volatility discussion
  • Goal and Cash Flow Analysis Scenarios – for evaluating key variables constituting the unknown future. Specifically, evaluate portfolio longevity based on specific client goals for savings and spending. This includes “what if” and interactive model adjustment to get a feel for sensitivity of results for varied inputs.
  • Estate Planning – Balance sheet, Net Worth and estate analysis and reporting to support estate planning discussions with your attorney.

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