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Financial Planning &
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“Clarity” for Your Planning Process

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Putting our Clients First

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It's About You & Your Financial Dreams

At August Financial Consulting, LLC, we believe it is all about YOU and your financial well being. The planning process has 5 steps:

  1. Listen to You- We want to hear about your interests, hopes and dreams - we listen. 
  2. Set Goals - Exchange in conversation to refine goals and define the foundations of your financial plan. Exchange means we listen to you and provide feedback helpful in refining goals.
  3. Formalize Your Financial Plan - Once we know the direction you want to go, we assist in developing a plan directed towards reaching your goals. It might be on "the back of an envelope" or a fully bound financial plan - either way the plan provides a roadmap. 
  4. Act - we monitor your investments and implement the action plan. We will diligently manage your portfolio and more.
  5. Review - we suggest semi-annual or annual reviews. Depending on the portfolio and action plan, quarterly may be more appropriate.


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